Experts Warn Against Used-Car History Reports

Detroit Free Press - August 12, 2012

A used-car history report may not tell the whole story, consumer experts say. Each year, about 6 million cars are in crashes serious enough to report to police and insurers. Some of these cars are re-built and wind up on dealer lots.

What can buyers do to insure the car they buy is solid?

Without a thorough inspection by an independent mechanic, it’s almost impossible to tell (if the car was wrecked and rebuilt), consumer experts say.

Dealers say they get duped, too. They were involved in the push for a 2009 law that requires insurance companies to share their data on totaled vehicles with a new Justice Department database, the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.


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  • Wis says:

    Dealers get duped a lot. One thing I have witnessed is a vehicle whose history report gets updated with an accident indicator that shows up only _after_ the dealer has purchased the vehicle despite their having done due diligence on the vehicle including inspection. The inspection result, no matter how good, means little if an accident indicator is present on the vehicle history.

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