Cars to Avoid – Says Consumer Reports

USA Today - August 6, 2012

Consumer Reports weighs in on the “Five Popular Cars to Avoid” in its September issue. You are probably expecting those models to be saturated with American brands – citing poor testing results and/or lousy reliability, CR says.

Guess which brand is at the top of Consumer Reports’ list.

Here are CR’s (top 2) choices and a synopsis of the magazine’s criticism:

  • Honda Civic. Honda “took too many shortcuts in the latest redesign.” The subcompact has a choppy ride, noisy cabin, vague steering and mediocre interior. At least it’s reliable.
  • Toyota Prius C. The C is the least expensive Prius hybrid, getting 37 miles per gallon in the city and 43 mpg on the highway. It’s not to be confused with the mainstay Prius that has earned Toyota its well-deserved mileage-leader reputation in the past decade. The C “suffers from a stiff ride, noisy cabin, slow acceleration and cheap-looking interior trim.” Buy a Honda Fit, a non-hybrid, instead, the magazine recommends.

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  • Tommy Hines says:

    Honda uses only the highest quality materials in their interiors, well above cometitive models standards. The fact that CS engineers do not like the modern textures does not make it mediocre. The power steering system is state of the art “electric” and not bogged down with heavy hydralic pumps that sap engine performance. The ride and suspensions dynamics are more than acceptable for precise handling and the ride characteristics of a compact class vehicle. Honda does not take shortcuts !!!

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