Audi Wants to ‘Cover Your Back’

The Detroit Bureau - August 10, 2012

Audi faces a big problem with its new R8 e-tron.  The battery-electric version of its 2-seat supercar has no back window – thus, it can’t offer a rearview mirror. Almost a buyer necessity, what to do?

The R8 e-tron will provide a much more detailed and accurate image than other current backup cameras. How?

Audi has come up with the same digital “mirror” used on its R18 endurance racer. An advanced, 7.7-inch organic LED screen will effectively recreate the image of a traditional rearview mirror – while adding in a few neat, high-tech tricks, such as the ability to block the glare from headlights.

It will rely on a special camera hidden in an “aerodynamically optimized” upper housing at the back of the car, positioned to give the same basic viewing angle as a real rearview mirror – though it will also offer a wider field of view.



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