Are You an “Auto Shipping Wars” Veteran?


More deal­ers than ever are ship­ping more cars greater dis­tances, and find­ing that these expe­ri­ences can be just as inex­pen­sive – and just as col­or­ful – as an episode of “Ship­ping Wars” on A&E.

Luck­ily, ship­ping a 2007 Ford Focus from Illi­nois to Col­orado is a bit eas­ier than 30,000 lbs. of Brazil­ian Geo­des – and it’s great to know that uShip reg­u­larly saves deal­ers up to 50% over pub­lished rates.

uShip may play more of a sup­port­ing role on Ship­ping Wars, the fact that all that crazy stuff on the show actu­ally gets shipped safely (and eco­nom­i­cally) is entirely due to them. Last night’s episodes alone saw a 9-foot high Lego statue, a 12-foot wide heavy plas­tic poly­mer set of the Simp­sons sit­ting on their couch, and a 13-foot high (450 lbs.) Willie Mays statue trans­ported long dis­tances – as well as those Brazil­ian geodes.

Exotic stuff, indeed, but uShip offers solu­tions for deal­ers as well. In fact, over 4,000 trans­porters had reg­is­tered within 24 hours of the Jan­u­ary 10 “Ship­ping Wars” pre­miere on A&E – and the com­pany is cur­rently on-track to do around $30-million worth of auto trans­port this year.

Next time you need to ship a vehi­cle, check out uShip’s Ship­ping Price Esti­ma­tor. You can plug in an ori­gin and des­ti­na­tion, along with a cat­e­gory, and get a pretty good idea of just how much you’re going to save.