Are You an “Auto Shipping Wars” Veteran?

More dealers than ever are shipping more cars greater distances, and finding that these experiences can be just as inexpensive – and just as colorful – as an episode of “Shipping Wars” on A&E.

Luckily, shipping a 2007 Ford Focus from Illinois to Colorado is a bit easier than 30,000 lbs. of Brazilian Geodes – and it’s great to know that uShip regularly saves dealers up to 50% over published rates.

uShip may play more of a supporting role on Shipping Wars, the fact that all that crazy stuff on the show actually gets shipped safely (and economically) is entirely due to them. Last night’s episodes alone saw a 9-foot high Lego statue, a 12-foot wide heavy plastic polymer set of the Simpsons sitting on their couch, and a 13-foot high (450 lbs.) Willie Mays statue transported long distances – as well as those Brazilian geodes.

Exotic stuff, indeed, but uShip offers solutions for dealers as well. In fact, over 4,000 transporters had registered within 24 hours of the January 10 “Shipping Wars” premiere on A&E – and the company is currently on-track to do around $30-million worth of auto transport this year.

Next time you need to ship a vehicle, check out uShip’s Shipping Price Estimator. You can plug in an origin and destination, along with a category, and get a pretty good idea of just how much you’re going to save.


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