What is the ‘most-disliked’ new car of the year?

Chevy Malibu 2013

USA TODAY - July 12, 2012

In an arti­cle pub­lished online, For­tune senior edi­tor-at-large Alex Tay­lor III writes that the new Mal­ibu is a crit­i­cal launch for GM and that review­ers have tend­ed to tread light­ly with the 2013 Eco, the first of the new design, but that “under­neath the com­fort­ing purr of diplo­mat­ic remarks, sev­er­al promi­nent review­ers have raised fun­da­men­tal ques­tions. His con­clu­sion: “The automak­er has inad­ver­tent­ly cre­at­ed in the Eco the most dis­liked car from the first half of 2012.”


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