Trillium CNG, AMP Americas Partner to Build CNG Stations

Natural gas vehicle owner/operators are looking forward to seeing more fueling stations being installed on major highways across the county. Trillium CNG and AMP Americas now has a joint venture focused on meeting these requests through a network of compressed natural gas stations along well traveled corridors. Initially, AMP Trillium will construct stations along the I-65 and I-75 trucking corridors and major routes in Texas, with the first station breaking ground by fall 2012. The stations will be open to the public, though the primary customers will likely be heavy-duty and long-haul trucking fleets.

The new stations will feature fast-fill capabilities and redundant equipment providing increased fill speed and reduced downtime. The stations will accept fleet cards and major credit cards and offer special fuel-pricing programs. Whenever possible, AMP Trillium plans to use renewable CNG, the chemical equivalent of fossil-based natural gas that is obtained from biomass, often food or animal waste. AMP Americas currently owns two CNG fueling stations in Indiana and, in partnership with Fair Oaks Farms, manages a fleet of 42 CNG milk-transport trucks. By the fall, these trucks will run entirely on renewable CNG made from manure from the dairy’s cows in a process called anaerobic digestion.



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