Tiny Cars Named ‘iQ’ and ‘Smart’

The Detroit Bureau - July 26, 2012

Does it really matter how small a micro car is? Small is small. But writer insists the Scion iQ, 14.5 inches longer than the Smart car, affording a tiny back seat – making it a two-and-a-half seater, possibly three.

The latest iQ has many amenities, including an optional touch-screen Pioneer stereo. There’s more to like!

The radio sits high on top of the center console, in a sort of floating piece that looks a bit like a B-2 Stealth bomber flying above the dash.

The car handles well enough on local roads. Not surprisingly, the steering is go-kart quick. The ride is acceptable; about as good as one could expect from a car with a wheelbase of less than 79 inches. On the freeway, the car tends to feel a little nervous, as if one of the semis in the next lane were thinking about eating it for lunch.



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