One-Year Old Plug-in EV Values Look Stronger than Five Year Olds

chevyvoltnissanleaf2a_7_28_2010-8_05_am.jpg - July 10, 2012

Forecasting resale values for plug-in electric vehicles tends to vary. In last month’s NADA guide, trade-in values of 90% of the post-incentive $32,780 sticker price for the Chevy Volt were strong, coming in at $29,325. In comparison, a 2011 Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid had projected trade-in values of 88% and 76% respectively.

ALG’s Eric Lyman is less optimistic about the long-term forecast – thinking Volt and Nissan Leaf values will be at 32% and 31% in its five-year residual forecast, with the Prius C set at 44%. New and improved plug-ins could hurt the value of five-year old models.



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