Not All Hybrids Are Created Equal

Green Car Reports - July 17, 2012

Several years ago, automakers were all trying to offer hybrids to consumers who were enduring yet another spike in gasoline prices. Fleets were beginning to ask for hybrids and became aware of their carbon footprints. Early vehicles equipped with these fuel-saving technologies are now entering the used car market in increasing numbers. Some are better than others.

As gas prices remain high, and are actually edging up again, consumers in the market for a used vehicle have a number of hybrid choices. Green Car Reports recently published a list of five hybrid used vehicles to avoid.

Many of these vehicles only improve fuel economy marginally. Some were early attempts to meet market demand and have subsequently been significantly altered to improve fuel economy or were discontinued.

One thing this list demonstrates is how far the industry has come in a few years. The current crop of fuel efficient cars attains better MPG than the two-mode hybrids of model-years past. Automakers have moved from mild hybrids to vehicles that save gas through light-electrification systems.



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