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Two week-long seminars will be presented at NADA headquarters in McLean VA:

Aug 13-17: Advanced Service Management, Robert Atwood, NADA Dealer Academy
Oct 15-19: Advanced Parts Management, Chris Bavis, NADA Dealer Academy

Call 800.557.6232 NOW or log in to NADA University and go to the NADA University Store to register!

Here’s the schedule, with all webinars (except Glider Kits*) beginning at 1 p.m. Eastern:

July 11: Strategies for Connecting with Hispanic Car Buyers, MarketINSIGHT,Univision Communications,Sara Hasson
July 18: Build Customer Loyalty, Not Customer Satisfaction, Learning Hub, NADA Academy, Bob Atwood,
July 19: Glider Kits: Issues and Concerns, Learning Hub (Legal), Kyle Treadway, ATD Immediate Past Chairman, and Douglas Greenhaus and Brad Miller, NADA Legal Group, , 1:30 p.m. Eastern
July 25:  Help, I’ve Got Family in My Business! MarketINSIGHT, The Rawls Group, Hugh Roberts and Jeff Faulkner,
TBD: Industry Trends:Parts, Service, and Used Vehicles, Learning Hub (3rd in a 4 part NADA-Google series offered at no charge to members),Peter Leto, Google, and Les Abrams, NADA Academy,to be available on demand
Aug 1: One-Price Selling Its Time Has Come, MarketINSIGHT, The Rikess Group, Mark Rikess
Aug 8: Applying FET to Truck Bodies,Learning Hub, Mark Sidman and Rose-Michele Nardi, Weiner Brodsky Sidman Kider PC, and Bradley Miller, NADA Legal Group
Aug 15: Verizon’s Back-End Solutions, MarketINSIGHT, Verizon, Jennifer Horvath
Aug 22: Five Steps to Boost Visibility, MarketINSIGHT, AutoTrader, Howard Polirer
Aug 29: Tax Implications of Tangibles Regulations, Learning Hub (Legal), Dan Thompson and BobMurphy, Boyer & Ritter, Paul Metrey, NADA Legal Group

NADA ACADEMY class starts:
Dealer Candidate Academy (DCA) Sep 10,Oct 22•General Dealership Management Academy (GDM) Sep 17, Oct 8
Visit to download schedule and applications.

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NADA U All-Stars:
• Visit to watch success stories from NADA U users!
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