Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index – June 2012


Tom Webb
Man­heim Con­sult­ing
Chief Economist

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June’s drop in whole­sale prices was much faster than May’s (-0.8%) and April’s mod­est decline of only –0.1%; Should be retreat that still leaves both buy­ers and sell­ers in com­fort­able posi­tion, retail mar­kets unper­turbed, and profit oppor­tu­ni­ties intact.

June’s New Vehi­cle Sales More Sta­ble than One Might Read:
Trans­ac­tion prices rose, and any change in reported incen­tive activ­ity was well w/in mar­gin of mea­sure­ment error.

Com­pact Cars Have Been Weak­est Seg­ment Over Past 3 Months:
And past 6 months and past year, but longer-term rise has been exceptional.

Pickup Trucks Were Only Mar­ket Seg­ment Up Over Past 3 Months:
They have also out­per­formed all other seg­ments over past 6 months and past year.