How to Avoid Costly EEOC Violations

Taking your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) obligations with less than anything but dead-serious attention is risky business in today’s society.

Discrimination in all its forms can be very costly. Recent EEOC harassment settlement headlines make the point: Penalties up to $400,000, and jury verdicts can reach into the millions! A Google search reveals how pervasive violations and claims are.

Publicity surrounding any such suit is bad for the dealership’s reputation too. notes EEOC violations also cause:

  • Decreased productivity and increased team conflict
  • Decrease in success at meeting financial goals
  • Loss of staff and expertise from resignations to avoid harassment or from the dismissal of the offender(s)
  • Increased healthcare costs due to increases in stress and health consequences of the harassment

Just as the dealer principal is ultimately responsible for the store’s profitability, so too is the dealer principal responsible for rooting out discrimination. One of the best fences a dealer can erect to protect his reputation and treasury from an EEOC discrimination suit is to provide EEOC-focused training for all staff.

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