DHL Express Bringing in Propane Autogas Vehicles to its Fleet

DHL Express is bring­ing in 100 pick­up and deliv­ery vans to its fleet fueled by propane auto­gas. The new Ford E-250 car­go vans, each equipped with a ROUSH Clean­Tech ded­i­cat­ed liq­uid propane auto­gas fuel sys­tem, will be on the road by late August 2012 and will sup­port DHL Express pick­up and deliv­ery ser­vice with­in Cal­i­for­nia, Flori­da, Geor­gia, Mis­souri and Texas. The new alter­na­tive fuel vehi­cles join oth­er propane vehi­cles already oper­at­ing for DHL Express in Ohio, Ten­nessee and Louisiana. They all com­ple­ment Deutsche Post DHL’s GOGREEN pro­gram and its tar­get to improve the company’s world­wide car­bon effi­cien­cy 30% by 2020, using 2007 lev­els as a base­line.

DHL Express plans to use exist­ing pub­lic refu­el­ing infra­struc­ture in addi­tion to adding refu­el­ing capa­bil­i­ty at its ser­vice cen­ter facil­i­ties. The infra­struc­ture for propane auto­gas is less expen­sive than any oth­er alter­na­tive fuel, and with thou­sands of sta­tions across the nation, propane auto­gas already has the largest pub­lic refu­el­ing infra­struc­ture of all alter­na­tive trans­porta­tion fuel options. The DHL fleet world­wide, includ­ing its cor­po­rate brands under Deutsche Post DHL, con­sists of more than 4,000 non-con­ven­tion­al vehi­cles either pow­ered by alter­na­tive fuels or mod­i­fied for improved fuel-effi­cien­cy — includ­ing an all “green” fleet in Man­hat­tan with 50 hybrid vans and 30 Amer­i­can-made, bat­tery-pow­ered elec­tric trucks.



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