Close More of Your Internet Leads


Master Your Response Time

Most dealerships close an average of 5-7% of all internet leads, considering leads from the company website and third-party vendors. Is your sales staff trained to master response time every month? Analyzing the call-to-close ratio could make a significant difference in monthly sales.

Here are a few ways to analyze current practices and increase your closing ratio every month:

 ♦ How many calls do you make before giving up? National statistics show that it takes an average of 9.1 attempts to get a customer on the phone. Are you spending the time necessary to create a relationship?

 ♦ What time of day are you calling? Calling at 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM, after the team meeting might be convenient for your staff, but customers are likely out of the house or at work during that time. Schedule sales calls at a more convenient hour – when people are likely to answer and have time to discuss their needs.

 ♦ What are you saying once you get someone on the phone? Do you have a general sales script for staff to use and takes notes on, or are they trained to handle calls on the cuff? Having a pre-planned map could help guide customers in the right direction and right into a sale.

 ♦ Who can help you set appointments? Hiring an appointment setter can help your sales staff focus more on closing sales and less on administrative tasks. Create an environment conducive to a higher closing ratio.

The speed of response is equal to the relationship you create with a customer and equal to the gross profit you experience on a sale. It’s very important to respond to people within 11-30 minutes on a daily basis. The stores that have the highest closing ratios attribute that to a response of average time 10-30 minutes. How will your dealership master response this month?

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