ARI Debuts New Telematics Solution; DHL Launches Propane Fleet; PHH Exec Retires; Donlen Releases DriverPoint 2.0

ARI Intro­duces New Telem­at­ics Solu­tion Designed to Max­i­mize Fleet Val­ue
ARI® announced the imple­men­ta­tion of its enhanced telem­at­ics solu­tion, which now offers three lev­els of sup­port designed to increase the knowl­edge and insight fleet man­agers can gain from their telem­at­ics solu­tions.  ARI’s unique approach pro­vides a con­sol­i­dat­ed view of all fleet-relat­ed data; helps iden­ti­fy the best telem­at­ics solu­tions regard­less of ven­dor; and pro­vides a long-await­ed ful­ly man­aged telem­at­ics solu­tion. Read more

DHL Express Launch­es 100 Propane Auto­gas Vans for Pick­up and Deliv­ery Fleet
DHL Express announced the launch of 100 pick­up and deliv­ery vans fueled by clean, safe and eco­nom­i­cal propane auto­gas. The new Ford E-250 car­go vans, each equipped with a ROUSH Clean­Tech ded­i­cat­ed liq­uid propane auto­gas fuel sys­tem, will be on the road by late August 2012 and will sup­port DHL Express pick­up and deliv­ery ser­vice with­in Cal­i­for­nia, Flori­da, Geor­gia, Mis­souri and Texas. Read more

Jeff Smith, PHH Sales Exec to Retire
Smith, a 30-year vet­er­an of the com­pa­ny, was respon­si­ble for large fleet sales and for lead­ing PHH Arval’s inter­na­tion­al busi­ness through the PHH Arval Glob­al Alliance. Read more

Donlen Releas­es Dri­ver­Point™ 2.0: The Next Gen­er­a­tion of Telem­at­ics Solu­tions
Donlen announced the release of Dri­ver­Point™ 2.0, the next ver­sion of their award-win­ning telem­at­ics pro­duc­tiv­i­ty solu­tion. Dri­ver­Point is part of Donlen’s larg­er pro­gram of GPS rout­ing and report­ing, online dri­ver train­ing, and dri­ver behav­ior score­cards. This mul­ti-faceted approach yields the best results for fleets. Read more

The 6 Peo­ple You Need in Your Cor­ner
Noth­ing incred­i­ble is accom­plished alone. You need oth­ers to help you, and you need to help oth­ers. With the right team, you can form a web of con­nec­tions to make the seem­ing­ly impos­si­ble prac­ti­cal­ly inevitable. Read more



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