Aluminum Use in Vehicles at All-Time High


PR Newswire - July 27, 2012

Accord­ing to the Alu­minum Asso­ci­a­tion, Inc, aluminum-intensive cars and trucks are out on the roads in num­bers, and a lot more are coming.

Safety is a top-priority for both automak­ers and con­sumers, and alu­minum has proven itself to be highly crash absorbent. Dis­cover the other great ben­e­fits cited in the use of alu­minum in today’s vehicles.

Ben­e­fits cited: Alu­minum is effi­cient, durable, safe, cost-efficient and high performing.

Top-performing vehi­cles made by Tesla, Audi and Jaguar, as well as durable SUVs like Land Rover, are already alu­minum inten­sive, and a range of pas­sen­ger cars on the road today con­tain more than 500 pounds of aluminum.