ShipCarsNow Gives Dealers Access to Rail Transport

ShipCarsNow - July 11, 2012

Trends show that dealers are shipping cars longer distances when sourcing used cars or delivering to out of state customers. At the recent NIADA Convention, Jeff Grandstaff, General Manager of ShipCarsNow, encouraged dealers to try rail the next time they need to ship a car.

Each year, ShipCarsNow and parent company, Union Pacific, transport more than 4,000,000 cars around the country. ShipCarsNow gives auto dealers the option of choosing economical rail or direct truck transport. “We’re working together to make it easy and affordable for dealers to ship cars door-to-door, nationwide,” said Grandstaff.

NIADA members save 10% on every shipment with Promotional Code NIADA1201. Visit for a free quote. ShipCarsNow is part of Union Pacific, America’s leading auto carrier.




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