Wheego Makes Fleet Deal in Oklahoma City

Fleets have become very open minded about testing out plug-in electric vehicles to reduce fuel consumption costs and sometimes to comply with emissions standards. Fleets provide a big opportunity for major OEMs and startups like Coda Automotive and Wheego. The Wheego Whip is being tested by the Oklahoma City Police Dept. as a way to transport parking violation inspectors through the city. The two-passenger cars are powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

The department said the vehicles may be small, but they have all the conveniences of a full-size car without the gas-guzzling costliness. Another benefit is that they’re right-sized for doing the job. “The department had been looking for somewhere to introduce some environmentally-friendly vehicles into service,” said Capt. Don Martin. “We found a model of vehicles built by Wheego that fit what we needed and provided the comforts, the security… and the size that we needed for parking enforcement.” When fully charged, the cars can drive up to 30 miles per day. They’ll patrol areas in downtown Oklahoma City and Bricktown.



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