Wheego Makes Fleet Deal in Oklahoma City

Fleets have become very open mind­ed about test­ing out plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles to reduce fuel con­sump­tion costs and some­times to com­ply with emis­sions stan­dards. Fleets pro­vide a big oppor­tu­ni­ty for major OEMs and star­tups like Coda Auto­mo­tive and Wheego. The Wheego Whip is being test­ed by the Okla­homa City Police Dept. as a way to trans­port park­ing vio­la­tion inspec­tors through the city. The two-pas­sen­ger cars are pow­ered by a recharge­able bat­tery pack.

The depart­ment said the vehi­cles may be small, but they have all the con­ve­niences of a full-size car with­out the gas-guz­zling cost­li­ness. Anoth­er ben­e­fit is that they’re right-sized for doing the job. “The depart­ment had been look­ing for some­where to intro­duce some envi­ron­men­tal­ly-friend­ly vehi­cles into ser­vice,” said Capt. Don Mar­tin. “We found a mod­el of vehi­cles built by Wheego that fit what we need­ed and pro­vid­ed the com­forts, the secu­ri­ty… and the size that we need­ed for park­ing enforce­ment.” When ful­ly charged, the cars can dri­ve up to 30 miles per day. They’ll patrol areas in down­town Okla­homa City and Brick­town.



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