Toyota, Lexus Adding OnStar Competitive Features Late Summer


Toy­ota will be adding safe­ty ser­vice sim­i­lar to OnStar basic to select Toy­ota mod­els. Lexus mod­els will get safe­ty ser­vice plus addi­tion­al nav­i­ga­tion and voice con­trol fea­tures. This is the first major com­pe­ti­tion to GM’s OnStar, and it’s com­ing sum­mer 2009.

OnStar has about 5.7M sub­scribers
25% of OnStar cus­tomers opt for upgrad­ed ser­vices includ­ing turn-by-turn direc­tions
OnStar’s base safe­ty pack­age starts at $18.95/month or $199/yr
BMW and Mer­cedes also offer sim­i­lar but much small­er ser­vices