Consumers Union Test Drives Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car

Honda FCX

The Hon­da FCX is a zero emis­sions elec­tric vehi­cle pow­ered by fuel-cell tech­nol­o­gy, pro­duc­ing only water as exhaust. Afford­able costs and read­i­ly avail­able hydro­gen are chal­lenges to mak­ing fuel-cell cars a viable future alter­na­tive to gaso­line engines.

FCX exhausts only water after chem­i­cal elec­tri­cal ener­gy release
Hydro­gen reacts w/ oxy­gen in atmos­phere inside fuel cell
Vir­tu­al­ly every automak­er is work­ing on this tech­nol­o­gy