AUTOMOTIVE CYBERSECURITYCyber with Play Buttonh Picture1 Cybersecurity and the Right to Tinker


Developers of autonomous platforms for vehicles and robotic systems are challenged to bring humans and programming together. While at the same time, balance the security of the vehicle and its systems with the privacy of the vehicle owner-operator.


Research scientist like Adam Sypniewski of Soartech spells out the complications and challenges of integrating cybersecurity into automotive systems such as how intersect the safety and security of the vehicle with privacy and data utilization.

Gain more insight into developers like Soartech are dealing with cybersecurity in this interview at a recent TU Automotive conference in Detroit.

News You Need to Know

BlockChain Technolgy Big Image- shutterstock_180009623Auto Supplier Companies in Peril? Is Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology about to Blow Automotive Systems Away


The common ledger technology of Blockchain programming is enabling multiple users to work on shared computer documents in finance and everywhere.

Wall Street has tested the use of Blockchain technology in record keeping, credited default swaps, repo trades, and even funds transfers in financial transactions.


The Depository Trust and Clearing Corp which is the center of Wall Street’s trading infrastructure is working to apply Blockchain Digital Ledgers to the $2.6 Trillion Market.

Automotive industry insider and Hi-tech savvy executives and analyst are saying the Blockchain Technology will transform automotive industry CRM. DMS, and Auto finance for starters.

If this be the case, look for massive changes, opportunities, mobile applications and a complete transformation of the automotive market from Leadgen to vehicle remarketing.

To see how WS is using Blockchain Technology.

TrueCar Image looking into its future TrueCar Seeks the “Truth” about Real Reason for Its Existence

The Situation:

TrueCar has made a dramatic change about who they thought they were.

TrueCar’s new management team has completely changed its core business model from being for the “car shopping consumer” to “The dealer is our customer”.

TrueCar has ironically made this change look problematic & tenuously challenging by declaring that the new business model strategy is a WIN-WIN for dealers and car shoppers.

The Significance of it all:

Maybe three Questions:

Will the dealer body believe the new Pledge and adopt the TrueCar pricing model?

Will the Car Shopper and all those TrueCar affiliate members be OK with this new strategy?

Will this new strategy enable TrueCar to finally make a profit?



location-based-app2Location-Based Apps are Tracking You Every 3 Minutes

Situation: Carnegie Mellon study determined: For the study, dozens of GPS apps collected location based coordinates of where people were every three minutes.

Significance of the Study:

1) 90% of people feel they have lost their privacy

2) 73% of time, the user location was shared with an advertiser

3) Advertisers pay 10-20% more for online ads that include location based info.

4) Many displayed ads are based on info about where user has been.

5) Many location based software cannot be uninstalled, such as Google Play

6) Few users take action to prevent apps gathering personal data

See and stream as sourced from the Wall Street Journal article.

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