Three Big Trends in Automotive Marketing: Video, User Content, & Integrated Social Media

Excel­lent video on three sig­nif­i­cant trends for deal­ers, OEMs, and agency mar­keters — elo­quently artic­u­lated by Tania Yuki, CEO of Share­ablee — a social media con­tent­ing and ana­lyt­ics group.

Research showed that in auto­mo­tive mar­ket­ing, video has changed every­thing with a stag­ger­ing growth rate of 228%. Other changes and action­able trends in user gen­er­ated con­tent and inte­grated social media plat­forms are out­lined in the rest of the mar­ket study.

Fur­ther, auto­mo­tive mar­keters are repur­pos­ing or reusing or repub­lish­ing — what cus­tomers say about their cars in their own social media pub­lic pro­files. Big pay­off for OEMs in terms of con­tent mar­ket­ing, but also for cus­tomers who found self-expression in craft­ing their own mes­sages about the auto­mo­tive brand.

As a broader theme, the three big social media plat­forms are begin­ning to gain an inte­grated audi­ence with inter­play between one social media and another. Mer­cedes Benz best illus­trated this trend by encour­ag­ing their Face­book audi­ence to uti­lize Insta­gram to help tell their sto­ries. So it is no longer just talk to Face­book Users in Face­book space, or Twit­ter users only in Twit­ter space — but real­ize that every­one is using mul­ti­ple social media plat­forms — and smart mar­keters will inte­grate their mes­sage accordingly.

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Variety TV Summit

Variety Entertainment: TV Marketing Conference: Takeaways for Dealers & Automotive Marketers

The publishing team of Automotive Digest recently covered The Variety TV Summit Conference in LA. Here are some marketing assessments & observations:

10 Things for Dealers to know about Hollywood TV Summit

1.Too many TV shows
2.40% more TV shows on multi-platforms than 5 years ago
3.More shows than ever being launched this summer with more risk
4.Studios & producers “fishing” for audiences
5.Viewers are snacking
6.TV quality has increased
7.Appointment TV is virtually gone
8.New business models every day with White Hot Content
9.TV is the best environment for premium content
10.Programmers want as much content as possible

See Summary and link to Variety Magazine for what you need to be aware of going into the last half of 2015.


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Your Summer Listing of Vintage & Classic Car Events

The Summer of 2015 has an almost incredible number of vintage and classic car events going on in almost every area or major city in the country.

One of the summer events you will find fun, exciting, and inspirational is to attend the car events in your area or near where you are traveling or vacationing this summer.

Bob Pease, AIN Media's Vintage and Classic Car Editor, has compiled a listing of some the major Concours d'Elegance and car shows in various parts of the country. See & save page 2 of the linked list and then go to page 3 to gain more detail and links to three major events that may be in your proximity.

Have some wonderful weekends experiencing beautiful cars surrounded by beautiful people in beautiful America this summer.

Spireon App for VIN Scanning.jpg

New Mobile VIN Scanner App Decodes VINs with Single Scan

What Dealers Need To Know & can expect from this new app:

This new VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) scanner app will enhance the functionality of the telematics company’s award-winning GoldStar CMS solution for dealers and finance companies. Available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, Spireon’s GoldStar CMS mobile VIN scanner app will speed up the vehicle financing process and provide added loan risk assurance.

Spireon’s groundbreaking GoldStar CMS supports the broad automotive ecosystem, allowing dealers and lenders to put more of their customers into vehicles. Dealers now have the tools necessary to make smarter lending decisions while protecting their investment.

What this Mobile App Scanner does for Vehicle Finance Companies:

The mobile VIN scanner app will make the processing of dealer loans quicker and more efficiently for automotive finance companies, banks, credit unions and dealerships with in-housing financing.

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