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Protecting Customer Brands in Online Auto Auctions

If you have you ever bought a used car online with­out going to an auc­tion, then you have uti­lized Online Ring­man technology.And you prob­a­bly never knew the remark­able com­pany that made it all possible—Xcira, and its vision­ary leader, Nancy Rabenold.

Since 1999, Xcira has qui­etly pro­vided the asset dis­po­si­tion tech­nol­ogy and online solu­tions for major auc­tion com­pa­nies world­wide includ­ing ADESA and Man­heim.

OnLine Ring­man has been the online live auc­tion solu­tion that lit­er­ally helped to trans­form the vehi­cle remar­ket­ing indus­try by enabling deal­ers, buy­ers, and remar­keters to buy vehi­cles while sit­ting in their offices.

This tech­nol­ogy gave the indus­try a simul­cast capa­bil­ity while pro­tect­ing the brands of major auc­tions, con­signors, and OEMs.

Hear and see Xcira’s leader, Nancy Rabenold, tell how Xcira’s tech­nol­ogy and knowl­edge has impacted and changed the way deal­ers and remar­keters buy and sell used cars and trucks at auction.

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Autobytel Acquiring Dealix for $25 M Puts Two Top Lead Providers Together including UsedCars.com

In case you missed it over the Memorial Day weekend, Autobytel has acquired Dealix, a move that puts a leading provider of online automotive services that connects consumers with dealers --- together with Dealix Corporation and Autotegrity, Inc. --- for $25M cash.

The acquisition adds approximately 600 retail new dealers and 300 retail used dealers to the Autobytel network, for a combined total of approximately 4,954 dealers.

Three of the most substantive benefits to the dealer clients of both companies are enhanced analytics, consumer acquisition strategies, & product development teams.

V2V # 2

Talking Cars That Avoid Crashes to Stem 1M Killed Annually

V2V or Vehicle to Vehicle communications that will avoid car accidents are being perfected by advancing research, development, and testing.

More than One Million people are killed by automobiles worldwide every year, including over 30,000 deaths and 5M crashes in the U.S. alone.

This breakthrough technology in cars that talk to each other will avoid accidents, loss of life, and extensive vehicle damage.

V2V is said to have a greater impact on vehicle safety than autonomous or self-driving vehicles. Linking cars wirelessly will have a big effect on road safety.

Vehicle manufacturers face complex challenges from car computers processing data, hackers, and human interface issues but GM, U of Michigan and NHTSA working to solve all constraints.


Deeper Auto Loans Call For Better Dealer Security Practices

Is the current $336B Subprime auto loan boom about to implode and become like the subprime mortgage bust of the past?

Auto loan funders and securitization underwriters are investing heavily. Credit standards are being relaxed. Lenders and dealers are going ever-deeper into subprime auto loans including Buy Here Pay Here lending programs

Therefore, dealers must pay attention and be vigilant. This Thought Leader Series posting from David Meyer, Executive VP of Spireon outlines how GPS Tracking is a savvy solution for dealers to adopt for better security and risk abatement practices in subprime auto lending

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