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“Are Five Liner Dealer Leads Going Away?”

Lead gen­er­a­tion is not going away because com­pa­nies like Auto­by­tel are deliv­er­ing qual­ity prospects to deal­ers by increas­ing the con­tact points with text lead-gen deliv­ered on cell phone plat­forms. Mobil­ity is a big dri­ver of dealer leads and con­sum­mated sales.

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Millennials Like Carsharing but Eventually Need to Have their Own Cars

Millennials are putting off getting their drivers licenses and buying cars longer than previous generations, but what does the future look like?

Auto analysts say that the car purchase decision is being put off longer, but not for ever. Car- and ridesharing services are taking off for young consumers living in urban environments, but things do change when they’re reaching their mid-20s....………..


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New Subprime Auto Loan Boom Gets Tarnished in NYT Article

The Situation:  Last Sunday’s issue of the New York Times, had a front page article about how subprime lenders may be overcharging credit impaired consumer for auto loans.  The article continued on two full newspaper pages with photos of beleaguered borrowers with stories of repossessions and misleading lending practices.

The ominous title of the article was “Easy Credit, Hard to Repay” and the subhead read “Exorbitant Rates in Subprime Boom for Used Cars”

The Significance:  Here is a listing of some of the red flagging content in the article:

  • * The surge in subprime auto lending & lack of caution resembles the subprime mortgage market of years past.
  • * Subprime auto loans have increased 130 % in last five years.
  • * Investors are pouring tons of money into the subprime market.
  • * Loans are then bundled as bonds & securities for sale to insurance companies and mutual funds.
  • * Several loan cases where interest rates exceeded 23%.
  • * In spite of warnings, subprime volume was up 15% to $146 B in 1st Qtr.

See just how damaging this article may be to the subprime lenders and dealers


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Dealers Being Offered $3.6 Million in Digital Marketing Services

What is the deal? Too good to be true?

Autosoft is inviting their 2,000 dealer customers to leverage the complete Carfolks.com customer loyalty and employee retention marketing solutions program for a trial period at no monthly cost for the service. These digital marketing services are valued at $3.6 million.

Like Facebook, Carfolks provides a free individual page for every automotive sales person in the United States and Canada to build their professional brand and to help differentiate auto dealers from their competitors.

Why this offer to dealers?

To show how powerful the Carfolks.com solution is for auto retailers, Carfolks is giving away $3.6 million of their digital marketing services to 2,000 Autosoft dealership customers. Carfolks, the only automotive retailer and sales professional community providing transparency and customer reviews unfiltered by auto dealers has established an alliance with a leading dealer management system (DMS) provider Autosoft, Inc.


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John HoltVP of Business DevelopmentLotLinx - 12/31/1969

LotLinx, developer of the auto industry’s first direct-linking technology platform that connects car shoppers directly with dealership websites, is pleased to announce the appointment of John Holt as vice president of business development.

Holt joins Dean Evans, Steve Pace and Jim Bauman on the executive team and will play an integral part of the company’s success strategy for 2014 and beyond

Before LotLinx, Holt founded the highly-successful agency JWH Consultancy, helping companies within the automotive space develop and bring their products to market rapidly.

Prior to JWH, Holt served as the director of business development at AutoUSA, a subsidiary of AutoNation, helping bring products to market and the inside and outside sales teams together to significantly impact the company’s bottom line during his tenure. Holt’s AutoUSA experience came as a direct result of his time at AutoNation eCommerce.

As vice president of business development, John will be responsible for growing the company’s inventory network, as well as developing partnerships with dealership groups and resellers promoting the LotLinx Vehicle Display Network.

LotLinx is the first ever VIN-specific inventory advertising technology that links consumers shopping on over 135 popular automotive research sites directly to the dealership’s vehicle display page (VDP).
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