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LA Business Council Takes On How to
Move People Around: The Future of Transportation & Mobility Solutions

The Situation:

LA Business Council is leading and providing a forum for dealing with transportation and housing in LA. This one-day conference provided an impressive presentation of the current status and the exciting future for transportation management in Los Angeles.

What you should do about all of this:

1) Whether you are living in LA or in any metro area in the country, this YouTube streaming of the panel presentation at this empowering conference is a must view and listen.

2) You are encouraged to stream, listen, and get educated on what LA is doing to dealing with the interfacing issues and problems associated with affordable housing, traffic management, and city planning to deal with problems 40 years out.

Recommend you start the Streaming at minute 36:00 of this powerful panel and stay with it to end or for an hour. At a minimum, listen as you organize your desk and make notes.

News You Need to Know

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Why Monitoring Need-to-Know Can be Source for Power:

More and more, you can rely on the publishing team at Automotive Digest to post, feature, and leverage substantive content from which you can learn and benefit by investing 5 minutes or less of Ingestion Time to get an idea or actionable to make you, yourself, and your presence more important and impactful.

What is the Significant Message in this great article?:

As the author says: "If you’re serious about making an impact in the world, power down your smartphone, close your browser tabs, roll up your sleeves and get to work."

Here is an irony about the point of this posting:
We will find ourselves going to Twitter and Facebook to post a link and plug that will drive traffic back to and then on to L2 Daily posting for the entire read.

Now go get this great article from the NYTimes.

donna-langley-pharrell at Inclusion
“Let’s Do Better” Doesn’t Work Anymore: 30 Reasons Why White Males in Hollywood & the Automotive Business Need to Listen, Change, & Act on Inclusion ASAP

The Situation:

Diversity and Inclusion is not working in Hollywood. Many say it is not working in automotive business, either.

So Variety Magazine decided to stage a conference to talk about Inclusion & what to do about it.

There may be a need for all business, not just in Hollywood or the Auto Business to heed, listen, and act on making Inclusion a central goal & strategy from now on.

The White Boys Network in Hollywood is about to abruptly changed as Women, Blacks, Latinos, Lesbians, LGBT, Disabled, and Older people have had it with the present system:

Click, Go, See, & Ingest the list of 30 Reasons why Inclusion is now a top priority for all Americans--Not just Hollywood.

Un-Stuck in LA Traffic: Future of Transportation Panel Takes 40 Year Look & Spells Action Plan Options

The Situation:

LA has big problems & challenges with homelessness, affordable housing, & jobs nearby.

The LA Business Council staged 15th Annual Mayoral Housing, Transportation, & Jobs Summit last week to deal with all this.

To see & gain the most Significant Take-Aways:

First, click on the image or Headline above to see who made the most impact among the presenters. Then watch & learn from the YouTube video of the Future of Transportation panel at
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