Laugh, Watch, & Be Wow-ed- How Carvana is Revolutionizing the Car Industry & Corporate Culture

Is it Car­a­van or Car­vana and who are these guys?

You are gonna see how to show & tell what your com­pa­ny cul­ture is:

You are gonna love this video inter­view with the two Erns.

You are gonna won­der if Ernie, the CEO, is play­ing both parts.

You are gonna con­clude that the inter­view­er is real­ly actor Zach Gal­i­fi­anakis

You are gonna laugh and chuck­le & watch it again

You are gonna be impressed with act­ing of the Real Ernie (Gar­cia).

You are gonna think and rethink what online car buy­ing is all about

You are gonna see a stel­lar per­for­mance from the Car­vana CEO.

You are gonna “like the way they look” & where they are going.

You are gonna real­ize that Car­vana is for real & rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing car cul­ture

Take note and see how unique, cre­ative mar­ket­ing can work:This video inter­view is so well done that it could well become an indus­try icon & video award win­ner.

News You Need to Know

Carvana-Car360 Photo Technology Combo May Cause 180 for Car Retailers

Why this Combo with 3D Computer Vision, AR, and Machine Learning is significant:

Ernie Garcia's evolving vision has been manifested again
Putting Carvana & Car360 together is huge in auto retailing.
Combines the technology developers of consumer vehicle presentations
Means more than just added transparency to vehicle sales process

What the migration of Cycloramic into Carvana's Growing Retail Market Means

Will wake up services like AutoTrader and even plus OEMs
Dealer management has to take notice and "get there"
Could be the make tech breakthrough in auto retailing 2018
Will give car buyers a powerful visual shopping experience.

To capture the original release from Auto Remarketing:"Carvana acquires pioneer of 360-degree used-vehicle digital tours" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

2018 Southern California E-Commerce and Logistics Summit

Right-Now How To for Men in Automotive: Men Learn How to Be ‘Allies,’ Without Fear, to Female Colleagues

Men, Managers, & #MeToo in Automotive:

Here is an article that was published in the WSJ on April 5
Timeley input based on the @Metoo movement outside the auto sector
Automotive conferences for Women are featuring Sexual harassment & discrimination

The Significance of More #MeToo in Automotive Sector:

The content in this Journal article seeks to help men in automotive
Seeks to coach males on how to mentor, listen to, & acknowledge women
Gives men practices & new approaches to include and follow women leadership

See the entire Wall Street Journal content about how men learn how to be allies to women colleagues
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Sugato ChattopadhyayDirector of ITUpdatePromise - 12/31/1969

Mr. Chattopadhyay joins the UpdatePromise team with over 25 years of Global IT experience with Companies such as HP, Apple, Cognizant and Accenture.

Chattopadhyay will leverage his knowledge and experience in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and other leading-edge technologies to further the mission of UpdatePromise, which is to positively impact millions of consumers’ lives, one industry at a time.

  The addition of Chattopadhyay to the UpdatePromise team is one of several key strategic plays the company has made in recent months as it continues to execute on its Global Consumer Experience vision.

CEO and President Curtis Nixon said:

“We are excited to have Mr. Chattopadhyay join our team. His commitment to improving products, services and companies through innovative and cutting-edge technology is directly in line with our mission here at UpdatePromise.” 

  How Mr. Chattopadhyay view his new position:

“If you look at today’s world, it’s all about innovation through data—it goes into everything, whether it’s IOT or just plain internet, and it’s what you make out of the data to better serve your customers that differentiates great companies from average companies.”
“Research and development is something I love doing, and that’s one of the things that attracts me [to UpdatePromise], because there’s so much scope for innovation, which is my passion as well as the company’s, to innovate side by side with our clients and consumers.”

  Mr. Chattopadhyay will lead UpdatePromise’s upcoming launch of the next round of innovation to be released at National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Expo
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