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VW Bug on Steroids: Custom Giant Bug is Amazing Sheet Metal Model of the Original Mini


A very creative, skilled, and passionate lover of the Bug has built a “full size” or giant version of the beloved VW Bug.


You gotta stream this now. You will be amazed at what this man did. And you will have lots of fun just watching how this genius and his team produced an amazing replica of the original VW Bug.

See this BIG Beatle compared to the original and smile.

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Entech Varrity One - eric-bergerTen Latest Entertainment & Technology Trends from Hollywood & Variety Magazine Conferencing

1. Live Streaming of programming content is hot.
2. Controlled Ad Viewing on Specialty Programming platforms (Crackle).
3. Mobile viewing of movies,car ads,& news growing: Blocking still a constraint.
4. Influencer Marketing is powerful means to increase audience.
5. Two new programming sites producing own content – Crackle & EPIX.
6. Charity Site, Pixhug, becoming an effective way to raise money for causes.
7. Lots of focus in panels on Millennials and their viewing practices
8. Monetizing video is big challenge even in TV.
9. TV production companies & studio obsessed with Story Telling.
10. VR has big future but viewer access using the “boxes” is challenge.

For more detail on a least some of what came down in presentations

Blockchain Auto Loans- smart-car-iot-768x506 Truth in Auto Lending is Coming: Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts May Replace Your Auto Finance Guy, Controller, & Maybe F&I & Floor Planning at the Dealership.


• Blockchain Tech to be Auto Lending Game Changer: Mashes up cryptography & peer-to-peer networking.
• Creates a shared database of transactions & other information.
• A blockchain is an ever-lengthening chain of blocks of data.
• Toyota Financial Services has used Blockchain & smart contracts.
• Delinquent auto loans automatically transfer ownership & loanee can’t use the car.
• All parties to know all about auto loans, rates, apps, stips, & fine print.


• Blockchain could reduce need for businesses to organize as companies.
• Collaborators will work together as free agents instead of under bosses.
• Blockchain could replace bankers, accountants, & lawyers, escrow accounts, insurance, & verification of payments & performance of contracts.
• Truth-telling feature of Blockchain makes it enormously useful to banks.
• Ethereum, goes beyond ledger function; Works more like Google Docs—shares SW that can be used by all but is tamperproof.

Start getting up to speed on BlockChain with an in-depth Bloomberg article.

Street Fight sf How Automotive Marketing Is Evolving in the Digital Age


• Car dealerships are target for hyperlocal media & suppliers of digital marketing technology & services,
• After steady growth to record 2015, auto sales now sluggish, & dealership consolidation continues.
• Researcher Borrell projects dealerships to spend $14 B on digital & online advertising in 2016.


• Dealers shifting to Digital & Mobile-Spend over 60% of media budget online
• Borrell’s survey reveals that dealers cutting back on traditional media.
• Kia dealer confessed spending majority of digital budget on search
• Dealers frequently do not have resources to do analytics on display or brand tracking
• Have relied on OEM's data analytics & customer experience surveys.

Find David Card, Street Fight’s director of research, and his complete Need-to-Know article _______________________________________________________________________________
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Brian Geitner President, Media Solutions Group.Cox Automotive - 12/31/1969

Cox Automotive Names Brian Geitner President Of Media Solutions Group

Brian Geitner has been named President, Media Solutions Group. As President, Geitner will oversee the company's Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and business divisions and brands.

Geitner will begin his new role on August 15, reporting directly to Mark O'Neil, Chief Operating Officer of Cox Automotive. Geitner succeeds Jared Rowe, who is departing the company for a new opportunity outside of the automotive industry.

Since 2015, Geitner was President of Financial Solutions Group at Cox Automotive responsible for the advancement of NextGear Capital. Under Geitner's leadership, NextGear Capital doubled in size, expanded internationally and became a powerful financing option for wholesale and independent dealers. Geitner joined Cox Automotive in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer of Dealer Service Corporation.

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