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The Advertising Industry As We Know It Is About To Blow Up!

The Situation: Ten Facts or Factors about how and why advertising messaging is becoming less effective, more ignored, and even blocked.

Significance: Advertising may well becoming the least effective communications channel for clients and automotive industry companies. Content marketing, social media, native advertising and at least another 5 resources are combining to replace print and banner advertising.

See if you can wake up and excite your management & marketing team about what the author, Mike Dexler, is saying and why they should act.

Click and think about your current plans to advertise in 2016.



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Disruption is Coming: 8 Key Tech-Driven Trends to Alarm & Arm You

The Situation:

Almost every day, one comes upon a blog, a research study, a White Paper or a news item that advances and postulates that dealers and the whole vehicle market in the U.S. and globally is about to change dramatically and to be disrupted.

The Significance of this Posting:

These disruptive trends will transform the automotive industry. The listing of these trends, issues, and developments by this consultant to McKinsey and Company are in-depth, definitive, and predictive in content and suggested strategic response.

It will be worth your time to read, make notes, and scroll to the very bottom of this blog which is really a kind of White Paper on the present and future condition of the global automotive market with particular applicability to the U.S. Market.

The “Preparing for Change” section at the end of this linked document lists a 4 pronged strategic response that is somewhat general but outlines some actionables for the entire automotive market, particularly the OEMs and their dealers.

Here is the latest in-depth analysis from a McKinsey & Company consultant, Jorge Lopez Colome, Senior Partner at Autometrics S.A. de C.V.



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Vintage & Classic Car Events Past & Going Into Spring

The impact of the annual Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance seems to last for the whole year. The Porsche enthusiasts gathered a month later in September taking Monterey by storm and astounding every one with the number of cars and people who came to see and display Porsches in all kinds of settings.

With these huge events in the last quarter of year, the annual vintage and classic car auctions moved to Phoenix as you will see when you read Bob Pease's blog report loaded with photos galore.

Meantime, there are several events and concours coming up including Pinehurst with the golf and one in Italy.

Click and take 5 to see some great photos & blog content from AIN Vintage & Classic Car Editor, Bob Pease


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David SalinasVP Business AnalyticsLotlinx - 12/31/1969

LotLinx has named David Salinas VP of Business Analytics. Salinas' will bring a wealth of Google Analytics knowledge and reporting experience that will help LotLinx better serve auto dealers by providing them greater transparency and insight into their data.

Salinis is a graduate of Stanford University who started his career at Google as a Google Analytics Account Manager where, he developed a comprehensive market penetration analysis tool to measure competitive growth and participated in the launch of Google Analytics.

From Google David founded Namuco, became a specialist in web analytics at Designory, and ultimately lead analytics and digital strategy at TBWA/Chiat/Day before coming to LotLinx.

David possesses a command of analytics like few do in the industry, and Lotlinx seeks to leverage this knowledge and skill with data to drive increased business success of their dealer clients.
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